Thank you for your interest in our practice. If you decide that you would like to make an appointment please click the “new patient registration” link below for appropriate questionnaires and office forms. We respect the commitment, time and resources that patients devote to their treatment and want to make sure that our practice will be a good fit for you or your child before you schedule an appointment. Once completed, the portal will notify us of your desire to become a patient. Dr. O’Hara is accepting and seeing new patients with either her colleague, Dr. Lindsey Wells, ND or Vicki Kobliner, RDN. Dr. O’Hara will review all of these forms and decide, at her sole discretion, whether you will see Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN, Lindsey Wells, ND or one of these practitioners together with her. If you see Dr. O’Hara with one of the other practitioners, she will be intimately involved in your care but one of the other practitioners will be your primary contact. If your child becomes a patient of one of the other practitioners, you and your child will have the opportunity to also see Dr. O’Hara at every 4th visit going forward. Please review the FAQ section for appropriate pricing and answers to other questions. 

New Patient Registration Portal

NOTE: After filling out all of the appropriate new patient forms, they will be uploaded to the portal. Someone from our office will then notify you and help you to initiate your new patient appointment. Forms will not be accepted by mail or at any email address. PLEASE EMAIL or go to FAQ section of this website for further questions.

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