Our Approach

Individualized – Dr. O’Hara considers each child individually and comprehensively.  There are no protocols so our recommendations are highly customized to each child and family’s needs.

Collaborative – Dr. O’Hara helps each parent to “co-captain” the care of your child.  You know your child best and she values your input, your ideas and empowers you and your child to reach his or her highest potential.

Functional – Dr. O’Hara looks at the whole child and addresses underlying problems through history, physical exam and laboratory testing.  She looks at what each child may need “to get” that they do not have enough of or “get rid of” that they may have in excess.

Healing – Dr. O’Hara keeps abreast of all cutting edge research in order to help your child heal in the safest and most complete way possible.



Two roads diverged…And I took the one less traveled by,
and that has made all the difference.

Robert Frost