• “Thank you so very much Dr. O’Hara. We so appreciate you. Our daughter felt comfortable and said you are probably a good mom (which as you know is a special compliment) and we just feel a bit more empowered and not crazy. I’m sure you get this feedback a lot but add this to it and know we are grateful for your help and guidance.”

Email from mother of a teenage new patient with PANDAS

  • “We love Dr. O’Hara because she truly has such a good understanding on what our son, as an individual, needs. On of the things I respect about her, is that she has a strict policy in that in order to have any follow up consult with her, she needs a detailed updated on her patients, one week in advance. That way, she’s able to give the best recommendations possible of what your child may need. She makes things easy for parents to understand because lets face it, biomedical treatments can be very overwhelming at times! I feel that she is not only our son’s doctor, but also our son’s protector. We are so grateful to have her in our lives and if not for her, our son wouldn’t be the happy AND comfortable child that he is.”

Doctor Appreciation Award testimonial from a TACA Parent

  • “Dear Dr. O’Hara, I just wanted to forward you this message because it means so much to us. It was from our son’s teacher. We could never have accomplished this without you….He has had a great week! He earned all of his recesses this week. He has been doing a better job attending to directions with a teacher reminder. He has been more engaged and more willing to participate during academic group activities. We have not noticed any negative behavior changes since the change in supplements. Please let me know if there are any concerns at home.”

Email from mother of child with ASD and comments from teacher

  • “Dear Dr. O’Hara, Thank you so very, very much for participating in what was a record-breaking conference for TACA. Your talks have received excellent feedback and families were sharing how much they learned from you on Facebook and in personal emails to our coordinators. Also, families found it extremely helpful that you were available for more questions at Coffee Talk night and on the Physician’s panel. I had one attendee used the phrase “life-changing” to describe the conference. You were a big part of that. You have made a big difference in these families’ lives, and we appreciate your hard work.”

Email from conference coordinator

  • “Hi Dr. O’Hara, I just wanted to say THANK YOU! I want to say thank you because without my mom’s research I wouldn’t be going in the direction I am going. But you put me on the meds that treat the Lyme that helped me get off psych meds forever. Those were meds I would have been on for the rest of my life. So thank you.”

Email from teenager with PANDAS

  • “Hi Dr. O’Hara, I wanted to share the good news that I met with my son’s case manager today and we agreed that it was time to change my son’s diagnosis code with the school from “autism” to sensory processing disorder. My son is now in first grade and turned 7 in October. He has had an amazing winter (which is usually his off time) and has been doing SO great for the past year and a half. A million thanks for all of your hard, pioneering work!!!!! Although I know we will always have to be careful and continue pushing forward, we are SO happy with how far he has come and look forward to further gains!

Email from mother of child with ASD

  • “I will never forget what you said to my husband 10+ years ago when you first met our son. At the end of our meeting, after game planning from a follow up from test results, you asked if we had any more questions. My husband said, in a defeated tone, “where do you see our son 10 years from now?” You enthusiastically said, “away at college, getting an education”. I personally thought you were crazy, because I never thought that would ever be an option, even 3 years ago when we last saw you, I continued to think “that’s still impossible”. I am happy and proud to announce that he is graduating HS tomorrow evening, was accepted into over 10 great schools, and even received some impressive scholarships. He has chosen to go to Rochester Institute of Technology…You were right. We put the proper nutrition, therapy, focus, support and game plan in place, and things are falling into place. Your guidance has been priceless. Words cannot express our gratitude and appreciation for the hope, support and knowledge you have provided.”

Email from parent of teenager with ASD

  • Dr O’Hara has showed us a light at the end of a dark tunnel, and offers so much support along the way. I always appreciate having her perspective and affirmation of what I’m seeing with my child. She listens to me and values my knowledge and experience in her treatment decisions. Having her on our team makes it easier to interact with other providers who don’t really “get” him or his illness, really makes all the difference in the world to our family as we navigate this confusing and unpredictable journey.

Mama, RN August, 2018