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Dr. O’Hara’s Perspective for Our Children: Putting the Pieces of the Puzzle Together

Dr. Nancy O’Hara is a board-certified pediatrician, who has been caring for children with neurodevelopmental needs and chronic illness for decades.  She works with you and your child to help each child reach his or her fullest potential in a supportive and integrated fashion.  Dr. O’Hara lectures and mentors practitioners nationally and internationally.  She also works together with two other practices, that of Lindsey Wells, ND and Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN.


If you are interested in becoming a patient of Nancy O’Hara, MD, Lindsey Wells, ND or Vicki Kobliner, MS RDN, please click this link.

Our family will work with your family to integrate cutting edge research with holistic care and therapeutic interventions to help each child thrive.

Our children are gifts. Some of our children, like those with autism or ADHD or OCD, may be wrapped in many layers of wrapping paper. It is our job to try to remove several or all of those layers to get at the true gift of the child inside. But it is also our job to remember that each child is a gift, whether wrapped in many layers or none, we give thanks for that gift every day.
Dr. Nancy O’Hara